From Our Table to Yours

Rhode School of Cuisine has published our very first cookbook, From Our Table to Yours, printed by Cambridge University Press. This beautiful lifestyle cookbook contains selected recipes from the our French cooking school in the south of France and our Italian cooking school in Tuscany. Easy to follow and superbly laid out with fine hand-painted water colours and detailed colour photography, the book features some traditional French and Tuscan recipes as well as some exciting and innovative creations from our Rhode School of Cuisine chefs.

The French section of the book contains a selection of creative dishes from our head chef in France, – Soups, Terrines and Pates, Cold Starters, Hot Starters, Vegetarian Starters, Shellfish, Fish, Meat, Stocks, Cheese Dishes, Breads and Desserts. Described by some of our past students as ‘a contemporary artist’, Fred has added his own special touch to each recipe, combining the best of traditional French cuisine with some new ideas and exciting flavors. A fantastic collection of innovative and decorative dishes, Fred’s recipes are sure to fascinate and impress any dinner party guest.

The Italian section contains a collection of recipes ranging from traditional dishes to new and enticing recipes. The recipes are broken down into easy to understand sections comprising of Anitpasti, Primi, Secondi, Contorni and Dolci. The recipes are perfect for either sophisticated dinner parties or hearty family meals. Some of the interesting dishes featured include goat cheese ravioli, risotto with mussels and prune ice cream.

From Our Table to Yours also contains four additional sections giving the reader an informative and analytical approach to the use of Herbs and Spices, Olive Oil, Cheese and Wine. Written by experts in their respective fields, these sections describe

  • Selected herbs and spices in detail, their history and uses in cooking.
  • Olive oil, its flavors and uses in a variety of dishes and how to choose and appreciate quality olive oils.
  • Cheese, and understanding its varieties, its origin and the principles of making cheese as well as storing, serving and using cheese in your cooking.
  • Wine featuring a guide to wine tasting, what to look for in wine, grape varieties, styles and the difference between regions and countries, plus useful tips on how to buy, store and serve wine and a discussion on what wines match particular foods.

In the appendix section of From Our Table to Yours there is a reference list of selected specialty food stores in the United States, London and elsewhere. By visiting the nearest specialty food store, readers will be able to obtain many of the specialty European ingredients featured in our cookbook’s recipes which may not be available from a local grocer or supermarket.

All of our students receive a complimentary copy of our fascinating cookbook.

You can order your copy of this limited edition, beautifully illustrated cookbook by telephone  on +44 (0) 203 290 6787 or +1 347 696 1142

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